The Mystic Chronicles

Locket (Book One)

The story begins with Scarlett Lenotine, a girl who lives in the city Crimsroseyn, capital of the Vampriclands. Due to her troubled past, her one goal is to become a Vampric knight. However, with her protective friend Silas causing certain emotions to arise within her, and discovering that she shares something with the prince of Endlaysha, It leaves her internally conflicted. Soon, trouble begins to meet her when her mother dies in an intense, planned explosion leaving her world up in flames.

While you’re here, here’s a passionate + intense sneak peak of a scene between Scarlett and Silas…

 Her lips were wet, as her light eyes lit up like neon against the dark. He was, she thought. Her mind went to Charlie. The last relationship with the Vampire that seemed like forever ago. Somehow, she liked to think that Silas saved her in a way. “I appreciate you. For everything.”

She looked up at him. The harshness of his face, the curve of his nose, the faded tan of his skin. His hair was tousled, and not put up, and it fell like tree roots. Her eyes went to his lips again, and then back to his deep, intense dark eyes that held her own. The moment was like flying, as he leaned in and kissed her. 

Scarlett froze against him. 

It was a soft, innocent kiss on her cheek but it lingered, and trailed to the right corner of her mouth. She shut her eyes, and melted into his lips, as she tangled her wet wingers into the waves of his hair. “You’re beautiful.” He said against her mouth, and pulled away slowly. His eyes longed for her, wanted her. Scarlett looked at him as if he were the only person in the world. “You’re magic. My magic.” Silas said, as his tattooed fingers had brushed curly strands of wet hair beneath her ears. 

 At that moment, she didn’t care about pushing her emotions away, she didn’t care about hiding, she didn’t care about pretending. All she cared about was him. Her hands wrapped around his neck, as she pulled him into the bathtub with her, and her body responded to his. In warm waters, his lips had kissed the back of her ears, and then her neck, and Scarlett’s body reacted. To Silas, her reactions felt like heaven. Oh, to receive the very thing that he’d always wanted. As if the years of thirst, of his dessert of emotions had only longed for Scarlett’s rainstorms, and then they’d finally come. Her reactions. Oh, how it was the tempo he’d always wanted to hear. A sensual distortion of music that he always had wanted to listen to and record inside his mind. Scarlett’s soul felt as if it were bliss against his own. Something about her had weakened him, and he didn’t understand it. He was too afraid to understand it.

 She then ripped apart his shirt out of pure desire, as the palms of her hands were rested against his bare chest. He looked down at her hands. How small they were, and bare, compared to his own. But she was more than what she led on. More than her appearance. She held a fire that he knew could destroy worlds inside of his heart. She was powerful and that was why he envied her. Why he had craved her. Perhaps, he wanted a part of her all to himself, because he felt powerless without it. Without her love. Without her needing him. He felt as if he needed her to need him. To Silas, no girl could ever possess or embody the presence of who she was. Not even his own lover. Her energy enthralled him. He both loved and hated it. 
Her eyes held an emotion that he’d never seen from her before. Something otherworldly flashed in his eyes as he bit his lip when she then got on top of him. His hands had rested on her waist, as vulnerability escaped from their lips like desire. She moved forward slowly against the fabric of his damp cotton pants, and her fingers had slowly begun to navigate where his zipper was. He locked his jaw. Their eyes connected, as if they were glued together. He took time to enjoy the miracle that was Scarlett. How the frame of her brown hips were accompanied by his hands, and had water droplets traveling down them. How her chest was exposed, and how the dark of her hair was wild in a beautiful curled mess. She smiled at him. in a vulnerable-like way. However, his eyes had drifted slightly towards the water. He was still holding back. Her eyes then searched for his, and she leaned down to kiss him. She held his chin. “What’s wrong?”

To read more of this series, you can purchase this book on amazon, the link is right here

I definitely plan to continue this series. It is such a wonderful world to get wrapped up in.

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