About Me

Elle Hawkins

Fantasy author, Podcaster, Writer for Artemis Magazine.

Elizabeth Hawkins [Elle] is a young fantasy author who currently resides in orange county, but forever longs to travel the ends of the earth. She enjoys observing films and TV shows during her free time, watching cooking videos, travelling, and fascinatingly enough? She loves dioramas. She plans to continue The Mystic Chronicles as a three book series, and grow her author platform to be massive. Currently she writes for Artemis magazine and not to mention articles for her [Awesome] blog.

“I’ve never cared about anything more in my life than writing or this book, or this story. This book, we’re married to each other. Writing is the one thing that makes me feel okay, even if my life is a mess of chaos. Writing never leaves me. Writing is who I am, and it’s all I’ll ever be. Writing defines me. It’s my safe place. A world that I’ve created, that nobody ever knew about. My writing is a world that only I feel like I’ll ever understand.”

Author’s note from The Mystic Chronicles: Locket
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